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HALO Security provides monitored security solutions from, Honeywell, DSC, 2GIG and other major manufacturers. Based in Maryland, we are committed to protecting your personnel, assets and business’ personal information. We treat your business with the same care and attention to safety as we do our own.

Interactive Services using your Mobile device:

  • Access your security system from anywhere
  • Control and monitor energy usage
  • Energy control (lights, locks, outlets, thermostat)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control


Video Monitoring Solutions

Keep an eye on what matters most with HALO Security video surveillance solutions from

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View high-definition live and recorded video from anywhere using you mobile device. video is connected with your security system, so you can get a video alert when any system activity is detected. See what's happening if the system is disarmed unexpectedly, or if the alarm goes off.

Whether you’re looking to secure your stockroom or just keep an eye on things when you’re not there, HALO Security has you covered.

Health Care, Medical & Dental
Keep your patients and practice safe, while meeting industry and HIPA guidelines

Financial Institutions & Banks
Never miss any detail by upgrading to digital cameras with sharp HD quality.

Retail Locations
Prevent theft and vandalism by monitoring your operations 24/7.

Restaurants & Bars
Monitor your operations to make sure your employees and customers are always honest and safe.

Ensure a safe working environment for employees, and keep a lookout for thieves when you aren’t there.


Access Control for Your Business

Keep your business secure and connected with access control from HALO Security.

Brivo access control allows you to monitor, manage and control your facilities remotely in real-time. HALO Security offers a full suite of interactive commercial services designed to support a wide range of small to medium sized-businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. With just an Internet connection, both small and large businesses can manage their business operation with Brivo’s cloud-based interface.

Keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs - no matter where you are.

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Features & Benefits

  • Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees so they can enter your office with just their smartphone, no more excuses for forgetting their access card
  • Monitor who comes in and out of your building at all times and only provide access to authorized employees
  • Manage entry into your building remotely so when your employees forget their keys or access cards, you can allow entry and open the door from the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be
  • Create and modify users, and add user groups
  • Assign credentials, set access – and even lock and unlock doors
  • Set schedules, and customize access by person, time and location
  • ALL from any desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

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